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Skin tag /Warts/mole removal

It is benign skin growth. It is seen commonly in armpits, neck, eyelids. It occurs due to hereditary or hormonal change is removed for cosmetic reasons.

It is rough cauliflower like growth of upper layer of skin, common

viral infection caused by Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). As it is viral infection needs urgent removal.

It is small black spot either flat or raised. It is cluster of pigmented cells. It is removed for cosmetic reasons. Sudden change in mole such as ulceration, rapid increase in size warrants evaluation for malignant change.


Virus enters body through areas of broken skin and spread by direct touch or by touching objects used by infected person. It can spread through sharing shaving kits at salon

It can be transmitted to family members

Sexual transmission occurs in genital warts

They can be removed with electrocautery or radiofrequency

Keratolytic agents like salicylic acid, lactic acid, imiquimod or podophyllin under dermatologist advice is used

  1. Common wart cauliflower growth mainly on face hands scalp
  2. Flat or plane wart more common on face following unhygienic shaving practices
  3. Filiform wart finger like projection mainly on face
  4. Plantar wart painful type
  5. Mosaic wart
  6. Genital wart appearing on genitals
  7. Periungual wart around nail

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