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Vitiligo is a skin condition in which the pigment-producing cells of the skin, called as ‘melanocytes’ are destroyed. Higher levels of depression and social anxiety have been reported in patients with vitiligo.

Patients may also experience low self-esteem, social stigmatization, shame, avoidance of intimacy, adjustment disorder, fear  and other psychiatric morbidities.

The exact cause of Vitiligo is not known. Vitiligo is an autoimmune (the body destroys its own tissue perceiving it as being foreign. This is known as an autoimmune reaction) disease with underlying genetic predisposition


Vitiligo affects approximately 1% of the population. Sometimes it is seen in other members of the family.

The inheritance pattern is complex since Vitiligo is caused by multiple factors. On an average it has been found that 20 – 30 % of all Vitiligo patients have at least one close relative afflicted by the disease. Vitiligo is not transmissible to family members or contacts.

  • There are reports of pigment loss shortly after an emotional stress, psychological crisis or some major illness.
  • Sometimes a physical trauma to an area may lead to the development of the disease in that area.
  • Vitiligo is not contagious. Diet does not appear to play any role.

Lip tip Vitiligo: Lips and tips of fingers affected

Segmental Vitiligo: Skin involvement in one line

Focal Vitiligo: Small patch of skin is involved

Generalized Vitiligo: When large area of body is involved

  • All white patches on skin are not Vitiligo. A dermatologist can help in differentiating between various types of white patches.
  • A dermatologist will also suggest the optimal mode of therapy and counsel the patient and his/her family about the disease.
  • A person with Vitiligo can marry.
  • Vitiligo is not contagious and therefore any individual afflicted with this condition does not need to abstain from any activity involving physical contact.
  • In case of a school going child, the teachers, support staff of school and parents of other children need to be sensitized about the innocuous nature of the disease and special care should be taken by the school to prevent psychosocial harassment of the child by his/her peers.

Vitiligo Treatment in Ahmednagar: A Comprehensive Overview

Comprehensive Vitiligo Treatment in Ahmednagar: Restoring Skin Harmony

Discover renewed hope for vitiligo at our advanced treatment center in Ahmednagar. Our compassionate team of dermatologists is dedicated to providing effective solutions that go beyond the surface, aiming to restore not only your skin’s pigmentation but also your confidence and self-esteem.

Understanding Vitiligo: Vitiligo is a skin condition characterized by the loss of skin pigmentation, resulting in white patches that can appear anywhere on the body. While the exact cause of vitiligo is still under study, it is believed to be related to an autoimmune response that attacks and destroys melanocytes – the cells responsible for producing skin pigment.

Personalized Treatment Approach: We recognize that vitiligo treatment is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Each patient’s journey with vitiligo is unique, and our experienced dermatologists in Ahmednagar take the time to understand your individual concerns and needs. This enables us to craft a personalized treatment plan tailored to your specific skin type, vitiligo progression, and desired outcomes.

Cutting-Edge Treatment Options: Our Ahmednagar treatment center offers a range of advanced vitiligo treatments, which may include:

  • Topical Corticosteroids: These creams can help repigment the skin by reducing inflammation and promoting melanocyte function.
  • Phototherapy (UV Therapy): Controlled exposure to UVB light stimulates melanocyte activity, encouraging repigmentation.
  • Narrowband UVB Therapy: A specialized form of UVB treatment that is highly effective for vitiligo and often used in combination with topical treatments.
  • Excimer Laser: Precisely targets affected areas with UVB light to stimulate repigmentation.
  • Surgical Options: In cases where other treatments are ineffective, surgical procedures like autologous melanocyte transplantation may be considered.

Expert Guidance and Support: Our dermatologists in Ahmednagar understand the emotional toll that vitiligo can take. Beyond offering advanced treatments, we provide unwavering support, guidance, and education to help you navigate your vitiligo journey with confidence. We empower you to make informed decisions about your treatment and self-care.

Holistic Approach to Well-Being: Vitiligo treatment extends beyond medical procedures. Our holistic approach encompasses lifestyle recommendations, skincare routines, and psychological support to enhance your overall well-being.

Empowering Consultations: Your journey towards repigmented skin and improved quality of life starts with a comprehensive consultation. Our dermatologists take the time to understand your concerns, answer your questions, and create a treatment plan tailored to your unique situation and goals.

Comfortable and Safe Environment: Our Ahmednagar treatment center provides a comfortable, modern setting equipped with the latest technologies for vitiligo treatment. Your safety, comfort, and satisfaction are of utmost importance to us.

Begin Your Vitiligo Transformation: Embark on your journey to reclaim your skin’s natural beauty and your self-confidence. Schedule a consultation at our Ahmednagar vitiligo treatment center and let our experienced dermatologists guide you towards a more harmonious and empowered life.

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