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Urticaria or hives are red raised areas of skin and are extremely itchy. Very common condition and about 20 %of people has urticaria at some time during their lives. It appears suddenly and disappears within 5-6 hours. It usually doesn’t last for more than 6 weeks. It requires detailed investigation if it persists beyond 6 weeks. There is problem in immune system. It may be a sign of autoimmune condition like thyroid disease or lupus.


It is caused by release of chemical histamine which causes itching redness and swelling.

Mainly foods, certain drugs and infections cause urticaria. Sometimes it is triggered by physical factors such as exposure to cold sweating pressure exercise or sunlight

Food associated urticaria appears within 30 minutes of eating food. Foods most likely to cause include milk, eggs, peanuts, other nuts, soy, fish.

Avoiding trigger is most important. In mild cases there is no need of any allergy tests. In recurrent cases one needs evaluation.

If patient experiences puffiness of face eyelids ears, mouth hands or difficulty in breathing he should immediately go to hospital.

Most of the people do not need any testing. Diagnosis is based on the history and appearance of skin lesions. blood tests may be recommended if urticaria persists beyond 6 months.

  • Avoiding trigger is of utmost important if possible.
  • Antihistamines
  • Novel AST therapy

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